Cannot restore SQL backup


We installed a VM a few months ago and installed ERPNext on it. We made some backups (gz.sql) through the ERPNext interface.

Last week, the VM has been corrupted. So we reinstall it completly with ERPNext. It worked fine.

Then, we tried to restore the SQL backup. The restore was successful but when we tried to log in, nothing happened.
If we enter a bad password, we get a message “Invalid credentials” so it means the system is up and restore was ok.

When I tried to log in and then refresh the page, it displays my username on the top-right corner, if I click on “Account”, it displays a page with a lot of error like this : “ImportError: Module import failed for Has Role (frappe.core.doctype.has_role.has_role)”.

Can someone help us?

You try
bench migrate