Cannot save a stock reconcilliation in erpnext

Dear Team,

We have to change the current amount to zero for a particular item

but, Cannot save a stock reconcilliation due to current balance qty as zero and so that we are unable to change the rate.

Please help on this as soon as possible

Its a priority

Thanks in advance.

Attached please find the image for more clarity.

Dear Team,

Waiting for the response ??

It seems Bin have wrong data.

I would try

*Repost and recreate bin detail for an item*
bench --site site1.local execute erpnext.stock.stock_balance.repost_stock --args "{'ITEM_NAME', 'WAREHOUSE_NAME'}"

If that corrects the negative values then

*Repost all items and warehouses*
bench --site site1.local execute erpnext.stock.stock_balance.repost

PS: Take backup first.