Cannot save shipping rule or any doc type because no permission for DocType for System Manage

I have changed Shipping Rule calculate_based_on Net Weight but cannot save Shipping Rule Document because it says No permission to save Doc Type while I am System Manager of this site.

Please check whether User have permission of create Shipping Rule or not through Role Permission Manager.
Refer following link -

As you seen the above Image it is Setup->Doc Type not a creation of shipping rule. I want to change Calculate based on Net Weight

Set developer_mode in site_config.json and try again.

How to get site_config.json? Sorry I am new in ERPNext.

Hi @2002
Go to following path

Path of file : your_project_folder/frappe_bench/sites/your_site/site_config.json
Set “developer_mode” : 1 in that file.
You also add fields through Customize Form. Go to -
Setup → Customize → Customize Form → Select doctype, add field and update

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I went to setup->customize form->shipping rule->uncheck read only of calculate based on and want to update but when I click update, it says that I cannot uncheck read only. I have to do that because I need calculate based on New Weight which is already available in select option.