Cannot Seach by Batch ID or Serial No


On ERPNext v15 and wanted to see if it’s just me or is anyone else affected by this.

I want to search from the awesome bar to directly find particular Batch or Serial numbers.

For Batch, I have batch_id as a searchable field in the DocType

the same for serial number I have the serial_no field.

However, both do not appear in the search results. Instead results related to the Item, Stock Entries, and then Purchase Receipts appear as search results.

Is anyone else finding this same bug?

It’s not a bug.

You have to enable the “In Global Search

Then reload Ctrl Shift R and check.


Great, thanks @NCP

What role do the Search Fields play?


You can specify fields in the Search Fields, but these entries don’t appear in global search unless ticked in the field properties.

So what are the entries in the Search Field entries used for?