Cannot see Doctype Folder in custom module folder

I was creating a new custom module but I’m not able to find DocType folder in there. I can see all DocTypes which i have created in the system. So the DocType is there but i could not find it inside my custom module folder. May i know where is it ? how can i find it ?

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You’re saying that you have created the new Doctype but you are not able to see it. If this is the case, try running these commands from the frappe-bench folder.

bench build && bench restart

Hope this helps!

@Shah_Kalpit thanks for the reply. But i could use those DocTypes in ERPNext application but i acnnot see the corresponding folder in my pc

Try synchronizing the whole frappe-bench folder. You might get your changes shown in the equivalent doctype folder. :grin:


@Shah_Kalpit can you guide me how to sync whole frappe-bench folder ?

I think i figured it. i could see DocType Folder now by Unchecking the custom check box while editing DocType

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I am facing the same issue but the custom box is checked by default, i am not able to uncheck it.