Cannot see Error Snapshots in the browser


Could someone help me. I can see a lot of error snapshots in the frappe-benchng/sites/my_site_name/error-snapshots but when I open Developer module it is empty but it shows 1 in Developer’s icon.

@SwitsolAG your background jobs are disabled, so error snapshots aren’t collected to the database!

Check “System Settings” to enable the background-jobs

thanks for your answer but it seems that they are enabled, nope?

Your installation is self-hosted or into frappe-cloud?

my installation is self-hosted


bench enable-scheduler
bench execute frappe.utils.error.collect_error_snapshot
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thank you very much it helped. just one notice correct second command should be

bench execute frappe.utils.error.collect_error_snapshots with s at the end.

thank you very much again;-)