Cannot see other employees

Hi and thanks!

When I go to HR anf click on Employees, I only see myself and not any other employees.

If you are logging in with a user that is not system manager, then that is by design. See role permissions manager.

Hi and thanks James,

I am a System User and still cannot see other employees.

Any other thoughts? Thanks!

This is displayed at the bottom of the Employee page:

Company = XYZ Name = EMP/0001
Or Name = EMP/0001
Or Name = EMP/0001

It looks like a filter that is set and there is a lock next to it as if I cannot change this.

How do I administer my Employees if I cannot see them?

Thanks for the help!

What roles do you have associated with your account. My point is that depending on the roles associated, you will or will not see employees listed. The easiest to associate the system manager to your user. This gives you sys admin rights to everything. If you want to be more granular, then look at the permissions set on the employee doctype in role permission manager. That is how to setup security.

Out of the box, employee role has the ability to see their own employee record and that is it. You need a higher level of rights to see more than that. So what you are seeing is the system applying the security role as needed based on your user setup.

Thanks again James!

My user is a System Manager and I can only see myself in the Employee list.

This is a default install on hosting. I have checked every permission available for my user and wierd that I cannot see other users still.

Ok I got it, I had to add this:

Thanks for the help very much!!!