Cannot seem to get rid of a character in the address area


I’ve finally succeeded in recovery of the v9 that went down, into a new install of v10. Now I have a strange problem with a delivery note, and I’m assuming that it will be the case with all the rest… the address template has the following, previously it didn’t have a semicolon after &nbsp like so " " but “&nbsp”. The problem is that changing address template does nothing to the output of the delivery note. Any suggestions where this is coming from? The country of the installation is Italy, the language is en.

{{ address_line1 }}<br>{% if address_line2 %}{{ address_line2 }}<br>{% endif -%}{% if pincode %}{{ pincode }}&nbsp;{% endif -%}{{ city }}<br>
{% if state %}{{ state }}<br>{% endif -%}
{{ country }}<br>
{% if phone %}Phone: {{ phone }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if fax %}Fax: {{ fax }}<br>{% endif -%}
{% if email_id %}Email: {{ email_id }}<br>{% endif -%}