Cannot send email due to database issue

Hi, I have problem of sending emails from ERPnext.
I have set up email account and email domains correctly using Gsuite SMTP, I can send mail on other site, but not on my production site.

Is there something I should look to fix this issue?
Can I check whether an email is really sent or not? I can see email sent on comment section, and I can see on communication module. But no email is received on destination email.

Are you getting some type of error or traceback, then please send it.

after posting a job bounty on erpnext bounty platform for quick fix, it appears that scheduler is not enabled.
I need to type bench --site enable-scheduler

I guess this is the cost of a user meddling on developer things :wink:

Not really. It turns out that in a production site the scheduler defaults to OFF

You actually have to login and enable it to get things working.

Also… if you want to see the status of an email, go to the awesome bar and type email then select “email queue” from the drop down list. This will take you to a list of all emails ever sent and tell your their status (sent, not sent, error). You can force them to send from here by selecting one and click on the “Send Now” button. You cal also delete them from the queue if they were errors and you no longer need them.


Does scheduler status, and other bench related settings for specific site saved in backup database?

In my observation that a restored database takes on the scheduler characteristics of the host installation at the time it is being restored, and not the characteristics at the time of the backup.

This would indicate that the information is likely not stored in the database.