Cannot start frappe via bench start command

What is this and how to solve it?

By the way it’s a new and a fresh copy of frappe ERPNext, which means after installation I login to the administrator page without made any changes and logout, it was fine, no error appeared, but now I don’t know what is this and how to fix it, though, I entered bench update but it stopped because of some error I did not understand, sadly did not captured it. Also, I tried some suggested solutions like ( npm install npm ) or whatever but I didn’t come with anything.

This may help…

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thanks for reply

as you can see … this error occurred after the second command … very similar with the error of bench update

Mr. schilgod

Suddenly it works! I’m happy but I don’t know how it possible to login like that with the last error ( in the first comment I posted above ) which I didn’t solve!