Cannot Submit BOM, Submit button is not showing

i have created a new BOM, if i save the document, its not getting saved or showing submit button.

Can anyone help me?

Hi @Rohith_Mohanan,

Please set Submit rights in Role Permissions Manager.
Check below image.


i have given the permissions. still having the issue.

Again role wise permission check.
Also, the check-in admin user has a submit button appear or not.

Then after reloading or log out and log in to check it.


the permissions are all good. now the issue is the submit button is not showing.

Manually installed then

bench update
bench build
bench migrate

Also checked in BOM DocType Is Submittable or not.


thanks all for helping me out. The problem solved. i selected the bom from the bom list and and in the action button, i chose submit.