Cannot submit Delivery Note After upgrade to V11

We recently upgraded from V10 to V11 and have a problem which is blocking us from submitting a delivery note. Apparently, the mapping of our warehouses became corrupt after this update. We are getting the following error “Please set Account in Warehouse All Warehouses - xxx or Default Inventory Account in Company xxx”

We found this single article in which the same scenario was reported. We have searched high and low to find where to correct this entry and I cannot locate these fields in our ErpNext system.

Article Link:

Has anyone else experienced this issue after upgrading to V11? We are unable to post shipments until we get beyond this.

Have you tried setting default inventory account in company AV8 Technologies document

The problem is that we cannot find this setting. We have looked everywhere to find the default inventory account location in the company settings and it is not there.

Permissions have changed somewhat since v10 perhaps suspect that

Can anyone let us know where those settings reside in v11.1.48? We looked everywhere and cannot find them.

Strangely, this only happened when created a snapshot and migrated to a new DigitalOcean droplet. We added some new SSH keys and once we fired up the new server. Right off the bat we had this issue.

When we reverted to the old snapshot which was at v11.1.48 the problem went away. Something to do with the new SSH keys?

Check your permissions - you probably will want to login as Administrator