Cannot update ERPNext due to missing Git Repo for Sendgrid Integration - Any way to skip that app from being updated?

Hi all, unfortunately it seems that @alex_melkoff / @alexkozlov_semilimes has taken down the sendgrid_integreation repo for the sendgrid_integration app.

With that, bench update keeps getting stuck when it hits the apps repo as it no longer exists.

Is there any way I can skip that app when running bench update so I can update my ERPNext instance?

Thanks all,


Any ideas? :slight_smile:

remove the app directory under frappe-bench and edit app.txt and remove the line with the app name in sites folder.

Hi @ccfiel, that seems like it would remove the app. I do find its functionality useful, and was wondering if there was a way to skip it from the update process?

Maybe you can make use of the fork I made in an early stage GitHub - Community-Apps-for-erpnext/sendgrid_integration

git remote add-origin … etc.

@Nathaniel_Bagnell what you can do is upload the source code to a new git project in your github account and install again the app using your new github project

@vrms and @ccfiel thanks for the tips!

I will try that :slight_smile:

Is there a file within ERPNext somewhere that I can modify to properly direct to query my new repo instead of the official repo address?

Hi Nathaniel,
our appologies, we closed that repo by mistake. We brought it back and don’t plan to remove it in future. Can you please confirm that everything is working fine on your side now?

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Hi @alexkozlov_semilimes, thank you for the reply and reinstatement of the repo!

I just updated it with no problems at-all, many thanks for your contribution to the community with the app! Makes it much easier to work with SendGrid.