Cannot use ERPNext after update

I tried installing jasper-reports, but it fails with an error in runpy. It is worse, though, because after the last bench update, the UI no longer works. I cannot get the main page (with the icons).

How can I completely erase bench’s memory of my having tried to install jasper-reports? I tried deleting the folder, but now bench repeatedly tries to perform the jasper-reports install anyway.

Please help as soon as possible. I’ve got 2 weeks of work tied up in this. Thank you.

Now it is worse than ever. I cannot even re-create the error I got previously! Now when I do bench update, it complains there is no apps directory! I check, and it IS gone.

Yipes. Now what.

I should note that I DO have a backup of the MySQL database from early this morning, before I lost the system.

I am wondering: Can I download and re-install the VM from your site, then run bench update, and then restore the database? Would that break the schema?

And I’ll skip jasper-reports this time. I am clear that has install issues, so I’ll avoid that for now and use the core product as is.

I think I might go ahead and try this anyway.

I started to carry out my plan for a total reset, but while I was waiting for the download of a fresh VM, I poked around a bit using find(1) and discovered where the problem was. It seems that there is a file in the apps subdirectory that had a file apps/sites.txt and I edited that to remove the offending app (jasper-reports and some other mis-fired variations on jasper-reports).

After that, I ran the update and it finished cleanly. I was then able to get the UI in the browser.

I think this issue can be closed… though maybe a bug should be filed against the bad install of jasper-reports (is that even the correct app name)?