Cannot view, add or edit anything after erpnext update


I tried to update my erpnext 4 days ago and after the update i logged in to erpnext, every entry was blank as you can see in the screenshot. I tried to restore my backup today but erpnext autobackup erased my previews files.

Is it translated content or you just have the User Interface in French? Wondering if the content can be disappeared due to the language.

My language is setup in french, i cannot even change it to english or whatever since everthing is blank.

Hi @nasrumed,

You may have an issue with the assets build. Did you get any error during the update process ?

You can do two things:

  1. Do bench build in your bench to recreate the assets bundle and then reload your page.

  2. If you still have the same problem, open the chrome console (CTRL+SHIFT+I) and post the content (you should have red error messages) here.

hi @chdecultot

I get this error when i do bench build

Seems like you don’t have enough memory on your instance to build Frappe’s assets.
You need to increase your amount of RAM.

Just upgraded my ram, everything seems to be working :smiley: Thank you very much @chdecultot

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