Cant access hrms

following the guide on digital ocean caused me nothing but errors but managed to get the app working with the bitnami image

installed the bitnami image to an internal vm and can get the app working,

discovered the hmrs is now an add on so followed these steps GitHub - frappe/hrms: Open Source HR and Payroll Software but still isn’t showing.

it shows in the folders
If anyone is able to help me get this app running it would be much appreciated.

the initial things i need to setup for my company to be able to use are:

• Superusers/standard users like you’re doing. Limit standard users to only seeing the leave management part of the system, if possible (hide all modules we’re not yet using).
• See if email notification is possible from the system (managers receive leave request email, staff receive approval confirmation etc).
• See how easy it all is to set up
• Set up a test user so they can see a calendar that takes into account company shut down periods and they can see their own leave balance, and request leave.

but i’m just getting problems, have been working on this for 2 months give or take now and this is where i am currently, trying to get hrms accessible

thank you in advance.

in the frappe-bench subdir, run this

bench get-app hrms;
bench --site "${erpnextHost}.${erpnextDomn}" install-app hrms;

(You must set the correct host/domain values in line 2)

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does this work if i put the local ip in line2 or what do you recommend

or how would i go about doing this?

it will be accessed and used via the internal ip address that is currently accessible.

so can the HR bit not be implemented through this list


Check that the permissions/roles are set correctly

im on this account as admin

You might still need to check them and enable in the desktop interface

desk module is enabled

if someone is able to spend half an hour or so of their time to help me get this hr part set up i’d be much appreciative of your time.

anyone have the time to help me out soon?

for this because ERP is hosted on an internal IP what would i use here in this instance?

Install the HRMS app to your site,

ex: bench --site [yoursitename] install-app hrms

would the ip address there work?

What is your site name?

its a local ip address

yeah add in place of site name it will work

site does not exist one moment will add it

says access denied after entering mysql password but i checked and i typed correct