Can't access new app I just created!

Hello All - new to Frappe/ERPNext,
Installed Easy install script, and successfully able to login to ERPNext.
Now I Created a new app using the tutorial,
followed every step till ‘Start’ page, it started fine and watching, but when I go to the hostname I mentioned in the json file its not coming up. If I go to “localhost” it is pulling ERPNext. Why so, am I missing anything? Please advice…

thanks and regards,
Pratap N

I installed ERPNext using Easy Install Script, its is working fine.

I am trying to learn using Library Management want to create a new app and a new site for it…and did that following as said in the tutorial in the same ~/frappe/frappe-bench/ folder…

now when i give the host address mentioned in the .json file or the site name in the browser i am get site not found…when i give http://localhost/ it is pulling ERPNext. How can i login to the new App Library Management from the browser…how can we link the http:/ address to point to the new Library Management app.

Thanks and regards,

Pratap N

Check currentsites.txt under frappe-bench/sites and make sure it is empty.

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Thanks Keneeth very much for the reply. Yes the currentsites.txt is empty and I added below lines in the “” site folder site_config.json file

“developer_mode”: 1,
“host_name”: “

And when I hit the above address it says

The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.

Did I miss any configuration setting?

Thanks and regards,

Pratap N

Have you set this up on a server/VPS or on a locally like a desktop?

Hi, I set it up in Virtual Box, Ubuntu 16.04 (GUI), used Easy Install Script…ERPNext came up pretty simply…No created this new app…Host is Win10, but I am trying in the guest Ubuntu system only, but i am unable to get it…

Can’t we have two app with different sites on same bench? If so, which files we can configure the bench to go to which site or app based on the url? I configured .json file of new app, and emptied currentsites.txt – this is enough or i need to do something else??

Do I need to change anything in the nginx.conf file??

Thanks for the reply.

Finally got it,
got the solution from docs…

tried below but got some errors…

bench --site mysite.local serve

so tried the next instruction in the doc

bench use mysite.local

my new app is now up with Frappe Desk, not ERPNext.

Kenneth, thank you very much for your help, without your currentistes.txt thing I can’t get it…

Thanks and regards,
Pratap N