Cant access Shipment integrations


I have just migrated from v12 to v13 and would like to use the Packlink integration. My problem is that I am unable to find the Packlink settings in the integrations. I followed the instructions from the user guide and searched for “Packlink” in the awesome bar but I don’t have any results. I can not see any reference to any of the shipping serviced that are supposed to work with the Shipment Doc.

Do I need to enable anything in order to see the Packlink integration? Does this need to be installed separately?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You’ll have to install ERPNext Shipping App to use Packlink Integration. Here’s the link to the github repo: GitHub - frappe/erpnext-shipping: A Shipping Integration for ERPNext

You have to install this app:


I installed with “bench get-app GitHub - frappe/erpnext-shipping: A Shipping Integration for ERPNext” and it installed. However I still don’t see it in the integrations. Do I need to enable it for the specific site?

After the get-app command, use -

bench --site [site_name] install-app erpnext_shipping

to install it on your site & Packlink will appear in awesome bar. You’ll have to enable it & enter API Details.

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This worked for me. I really appreciate the help!

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