Can't access To Configuration- Email Accounts, after upgrade to V7 (Possible bug)

I can enter to the Doctype, but if a click on any email it freezes and I can’t see the information. Neither I can create a new one, I only see the new Quick entry window, but can’t save or see the complete window.

I have not custom scripts in this window.

I upgraded with no errors in the processs from V6 to V7 (well, just the standard ones of the node version and already reported issues).

Just want to know if this is a shared problem / bug. Or is only happening to me. For instance, I could’t change the email default send address . Only editing the MariaDB field.

Can anyone check if this is a bug in the v7? Thanks

Screenshot will really help.

Sorry for the delay, here’s the screenshot with the console opened:

could this be related to the cryptography version?

I would like to know if someone has this same problem with V7.


So did you directly made changes to the database?


No, I said this cause is the only way I think I could edit it. I did nothing after upgrading to V7.


It is a long shot but just try bench migrate once.