Cant Add new Users

iam using only frappe for app development
when iam trying to create new user i have this message

Adding System Manager to this User as there must be atleast one System Manager

in Erpnext when you started its make one user by defaulte
How can i fix this ?
i only have the admin and the Guist users

-In your system ,there should be at least one user available whose role is “System Manager”.

  • If you remove (i.e Uncheck) these role which is given to respective user then above error will occur.
    Have you deleted this user?

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I installed fresh new frappe, and the first thing i want to do is to create new user .
it dos not work … the role html not showing in the main user screen when add
i cant add the roles …
any suggestions ?

i will try to add one using the api …

Hi, is this issue resolved? I face the same issue now.

You will get this message, if no user is set as System Manager

We had similar issue, " New User" button doesn’t work on fresh installation, to workaround this we are using the register new user on the login screen, then you can modify the permissions.


I think I found a good solution, creating users with the import tool.