Can't add non stock managed item to a purchase invoice with 'Raw material supplied' set

I have a purchase order for subcontracted items.
The purchase invoice has the ‘Raw materials Supplied’ set.
The final invoice received from supplier has an additional line ‘One time costs’ to bill

I wanted to add an item ‘OneTimeCost’ created for that (not stock managed)
I can’t add this item because of the error of ‘Item OneTimeCost must be a Sub-contracted Item’

Q1 - How can i add an item not managed in stock when ‘Raw materials Supplied’ is true?
Q2 - What is the meaning and usage of ‘Raw materials Supplied’ in purchase invoice?

Hi @moroslantia

Is the OneTimeCost non-stock item a service that the subcontractor is providing you as part of delivering the finished goods using the raw materials that you supplied?

It that’s the case then you’ll have to add a non-stock item under Item Group “service” and then add this service in your Purchase Order.

Since you’re subcontracting, it is assumed that your BOM will be without operations (since those not performed at your facility and instead at the subcontractor facility).

The use case is that the we would need to add an item to the invoice and not to the order.
But the invoice seem to not allow item’s wich are not sub contracted. The service item is not a stock managed item, therefore not sub contractable …

Any idea how to unblock this situation?

Hi @moroslantia have you got any solutions on this?