Cant choose any account for income account in POS profile

When I tried to setup a POS profile, I can’t choose anything for income account, even advanced search return nothing.
my erpnext version is v7.1.26

Hi @fresthy

Seems you don’t have an account with account type Income Account.
Kindly set account type as Income Account in the income account and check

Hi rohit_w

I actually do have an account as Income Account in Charts of Account. It was auto generated though.
I also can choose the “Default Income Account” in Company page.

Do I need to do extra step in order to able to choose Income Account in POS setting?


Hi @fresthy

Can you please click on edit and check the account type selected as “Income Account” , for example


Hi Rohit_w,

Yes, it solved my issue.

Thanks for your help.

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