Can't click fields in "Table" datatype

Hello Community.

I’m currently attempting to create a form that let’s us handle repairs.
In this form, we want to insert a variety of information.
One of those things is a category called “item subgroup”.

So for example a clock needs to be repaired, in the system this clock has 4 different subgroups.
So when customizing my doctype, I insert a row like this:

In the repair form, it appears like this:

This is actually just what I need. The issue with this is, that I can’t insert any data into the field. The fields are not clickable at all. I need some help here.

did u make those fields read only by any chance?

That would be this specific checkbox?

No, it’s not read only

You should not table reference to the “Item Group”, this is not a child table doctype but a main doctype.

Create a doctype called “Repair Item Group”, check “is child table”, with one field “Item Group”, type Link, option “Itme Group”. Save this. Then reference the Table item to “Repair Item Group” instead of “Item Group”.

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The field functions now, but no inputs are processed. The fields are cleared upon save:

inputs are there, those coloumns are just not visible in grid view. go to the child table doctype. select the coloumn you want to view in grid view and check the “in grid view” box

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This worked! Thank you so much aswell!