Can't create BOM's New Version - Message Item must be unique

Hi, using v14 and I am having trouble with creating new versions of BOMs

Trying to create a New Version of a BOM due to a modification in recipe and the system sends me the following message:
Screenshot from 2023-06-23 22-08-20

At the beginning it was the same message but for Item_name, but changed the Naming configuration in customization of Doctype and it solved that, but then this new problem appeared.
I have already unchecked the Unique option in Doctype configuration:

Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ve even done a ‘Reset to defaults’ action, but the problem maintained.


PS Quite desperate as can’t change any BOMs since a week now.

Hi, This issue was solved by updating to the current version of v14. Got lagged behind and this created the issue.
Just so that any other facing this problem in the future knows.

PS. I was wondering why no one else was having this problem :man_facepalming:t3: