Can't create customer portal user

We are interested in enabling the customer portal, so I’ve created a test user with the same email address as the primary contact in the test customer record. I’ve also selected ‘website user’ when creating the user.

I then try to login using the newly created test user, but i don’t see what a customer would see, instead seeing what a system user would see.

When checking the user in User List, I see that the User Type is set as System User. I try to change back to website user but its not taking; when I save it shows System User again.

In roles i have only Customer selected.

In the Allow Modules section everything was selected. I’ve tried un-selecting all and changing to website user, but its not taking.

Any help please?


I am facing same issue, do you find solution?

resolved here

Providing a Self Service Customer Portal option to your customers ensures that you spend lesser resources on managing support for your customers by integrating your existing systems.