Can't Create Duplicate Barcodes

I am setting up some of our products (gloves) in ERPNext. I am using a template for a glove. I have set the variant attributes to size and color. Here is my problem: The sizes all have differing UPC/Barcodes, but colors do not. I am not able to save the records because the barcode has already been used. Any suggestions for fixing this issue?

Hi, create a custom field

Yes, I have created a custom field as a work around, but I would also understand why the barcode field is enforcing uniqueness, while the field properties do not list it as unique.

I think it’s quite logical that a barcode cannot be duplicated. If you use a barcode scanner and there are two products with the same barcode, how does the system know which one you meant to scan? I think that’s why it’s forced to be unique. If you don’t differentiate based on color, then you don’t need to create a separate product.

I’ll explain a little bit about how we came to be in this situation. For my company it boils down to distribution channels. If a glove comes in 3 colors, the customer at walmart simply chooses the color they want. In this case there is no need to have a unique UPC for each color. In fact,it is discouraged by the retailer.

When selling online the same is not true. Customers need to be able to choose their color (hence a new item) but the products are already labeled with the same UPC.

I guess the problem comes from the forced uniqueness. When I customize the form, the checkbox for uniqueness is not checked.


we are encountering the same issues! Manufacturers of certain lines of products treat barcodes more like batch numbers so they are not always unique. In other applications, scanning a barcode brings up all the items in this group from where you select the specific item you want

All that’s required in ERPNext is to use the ‘Unique’ option in the Customize Form tool rather than enforcing uniqueness from the code. It can be checked by default but then it allows people who deal with non-unique barcodes to un-check the option


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