Can't Create Journal Entries

Hi all

For some reason I do not have any option to create Jounal Entries. I can create Journal Entry Templates but they don’t seem to be useful to anything as I can’t create any entry with which to use them.

Screenshot from 2023-08-17 20-57-43
Note that there is no entries for just Journal Entry creation or lists in the search bar.

Is there some permission or setting I need to change?

Thank you

You need ask Administrator/System User user to provide Journal entry Creation permission to the role you are holding currently.

I am the administrator user haha

Not sure where I can set this permission, I can’t find it anywhere :confused:

First, check the roles assigned to your user.

Check Role Permission Manager to see if any of those roles have Journal Entry create permission. Generally Accounts User/Manager will have those permissions assigned:

If not, assign the same.

Then refresh and try searching Journal Entry again. You should see the option this time.