Can't create new address with Addresses form


I’m not able to add an address with the addresses form : new button is not displayed.
I also noticed that there is no lateral bar (I get lateral bar for others items like sales order, rfq etc.).
It still works in ERPNext Demo and I’m quite sure it also worked for me before.
I added all roles and also tried in administrator, but same result.


Please ensure that Role Customer has create permission on Address master. Also, check Portal Setting to ensure which role willl be assigned to the Customer and if that Role has create permission on Address.

In portal settings, role is Customer for /Adresses
I add Customer role with Create for Address doctype in Role Permissions Manager, but it is still the same.
Could you please just check if it works on last develop branch for you ?


I notice that my Addresses Web Form is not up to date with the json.
Mine depends on Frappe/Contacts module and now it depends on ERPNext/Utilities, email_id label is not up-to-date too.

I deleted the form and launched bench migrate to reset my web form but it creates the old form !
Do you know why bench migrate doesn’t synchronise json to database ? It uses only database because even if I delete completely the folder erpnext/utilities/web_form and the web form in desk, bench migrate creates the web form back. I change the module to Utilities manually but each time I launch bench migrate, it comes back to Contacts… :sweat_smile:

About the New button to create address, it is really weird, please look the animated gif below.
If I change the web form route from /addresses to /adresses it works…
I think it is about translation, /addresses route still work even after clearing cache, conflict ?
But the link for editing the address is still with the old route : http://localhost:8000/addresses?name=Test-Billing
I will try to fix this tomorrow.


The problem comes from an old fixture in my custom app ! Sorry for bad alert …