Can't create Sales order

Hi, I have a fresh installation (ERPNext: v12.2.0, Frappe Framework: v12.2.1). The problem is I can’t create Sales order (as well as Quotation, Sales Invoice, Blanket Order and Sales Person) while being in Selling module. The option is inactive with information on hover: “You need to create these first: Customer”. I have created some Customers already.

I’ve found some topic about some old bug, but I think it’s irrelevant here. In other modules some other options became active when I created necessary records. Another strange thing is that when I enter Customer record I can create Sales order from its dashboard.

Am I missing something? Is there some setup I have to do first?

Are your customers enabled?

Curious why you are on an older installation? Use v14?

Yes, they are enabled.

And the older version question is a good one. I wasn’t aware of that (someone else installed that). Thanks a lot. I think that will solve the problem. The bug I mentioned was in older version.