Can't delete a company transaction as administrator on multiple company

I created multiple companies as an Administrator. But now I tried deleting a company transaction but the DELETE BUTTON is not showing under the Company.

I tried logging in with a user I created and assigned a System Manager role (Permitted to see docs for that particular company), I went to a company permitted for that user and the DELETE COMPANY TRANSACTION BUTTON started showing.
But when I tried deleting with that user, the system told me that I can only delete with the user that created the company(Which is Administrator but the delete button is not showing when i login as administrator).

Please what could be the problem?

Does this company have a Child company? Just thinking out loud, not sure if that might be the actual problem.

Yes sir. It has a child company. That is what I meant by “multiple company”

You may have to delete transactions for the child company before being able to delete transactions for the parent company.
Again just thinking out loud based on my experience, this may or May not be the problem

Thank you sir,but the delete button is not showing also for the child company when I log in as administrator. I think there may be another problem that I am not able to figure out.

I used my Administrator user to login,I then created a user for the child company and give it permission for doctype “the child company” and made the user a system manager.
I used this new user to login,and I went under company and saw the Delete button. When I try deleting the transactions,it showed a message “that Its only the user that created the company that can delete it’s transactions.”