Can't delete Event

Hi all,

I’m trying since three hours ago to delete a simple event I created for testing. The error simply says that the event is attached to a View log entry and thus can’t be deleted :confused:

Can not delete or cancel because Event EV00001 is associated with View log 2d7b56af1b

Then I click on the 2d7b56af1b which is a link to a view log entry, and there is no option to delete it.

Anyone can help ?

PS : each time I try to delete the entry and I get that error (the event), the error log get’s 4 new entries, with no stacktrace, simply my user mail in it.

Only a guess but if you can see the view log id to click on but then you can’t delete it, you may be do not have enough permissions to do so.

Or try logging in as admin to try this, or change permission levels

Hi and thanks for trying to help,

I am the only top user and even tried with the default Administrator account, no, in View Log, there is no delete option.