Can't delete Task from the Project


My Project contains Tasks. If i do delete all tasks and save the form once, it again shows all tasks. If i delete only one task and save the document, then it updates correctly. The problem is when i try to remove all tasks at a stretch. OR if i have only one task and delete, it again gets saved!!!
I can’t identify where the code twists!!!
Anyone can help me please. I want to solve this urgently.


Can you try to delete Task from Task?
May be your task is linked with another doctype.
Please note, if task is linked with another doctype, then you need to delete linked doctype first.

also post bug on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


The issue is, onload is called before validate.
When we delete task and save form, sync_task is called to delete task, but before actual deletion onload adds deleted task.


Yes, I can delete tasks from ‘Tasks’ list. Thats good. But what can I do to delete it from ‘Project’?

I have checked and its a bug.
You can create new issue on github

Hello, @Amalendu thanks for reaching out! Tried to replicate in the latest version [ ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.34 () (staging) ] but couldn’t, it’s working as expected - Deletion can be done from Project itself! Attaching GIF for your reference: