Can't delete user and communication

I have lots of user for testing and now I want to delete them
There is a strange problem like the picture below

after I clicked in this page I found that this message “Sorry! You cannot delete auto-generated comments”

but I can’t understand why my user will link to this page and I can’t delete this communication either
Hope someone could help me solve the problem



You can unlink the User from the Communication and then delete the user. Click on Relink button on the Communication and remove the DocType and Docname

I followed your step but it still not work
the user still related to the communication


The problem still can’t be solved
I can not relink after I click “Relink” and the user still link to that communication

I’m having the same issue. Nothing changes after removing DocType, Docname and pressing Relink

official SaaS account
ERPNext: v8.6.1 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.6.0 (master)

Okay, should’ve searched better. Instead of deleting user, it should be disabled: