Can't do stock reconciliation for an item having putaway rule

an issue raised, if you have an idea on solution plz reply

Information about bug

I have created a putaway rule for stocked item code is 1/24525/87 and warehouse is F5 - AIC of 100 000 unit

step1: I did material receipt of 100 000 unit, now I have full capacity is used.

step2: I am trying to do stock reconciliation for the same, I have entered counted/correct qty which is 95 000 unit, system reject this transaction and show below error message, it’s expected to accept entered qty and adjust qty accordingly.




Installed Apps

ERPNext: v13.40.2 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.41.7 (version-13)

Installation method

manual install

Relevant log output / Stack trace / Full Error Message.

Over Receipt 95000.0 qty of Item 1/24525/87 is being received into Warehouse F5 - AIC with capacity 0. Please adjust the qty or edit PUT-0001 to proceed.