Can't Email after Workflow

Hello team,

I’ve setup a workflow for Purchase Order and an Authorization Rule, this way

The thing is that after the approval (submit) from Purchase Manager or Purchase Master Manager, is the Purchase User whom should send the email to Supplier, but the option isn’t available from dropdown Menu button.

Any thoughts?

ERPNext: v10.1.57 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.50 (master)

If the PO is as Draft, pending for approval, Email is available from Menu.

After is submitted, Email option is not available as explained before.

Hello @Francisco_Buendia

I can see Email option after submitting the document.
I think your problems is related to the permission, please check the below image as it can help you:


Purchase User, Purchase Manager and Purchase Master Manager, have Email permission.

When a Workflow is setup, the Email option in dropdown Menu is only available to role whom submit.

It is because of workflow State, Purchase User is not allow for workflow state Submit or whatever state you have mention. You need to allow your purchase user for this state, then Email option will be available.

Hope this help.

No, it doesn’t

I can’t test it at, there’s no access to Setup.


We have facing same issue here, Please let us know did you get any solution?

I can confirm this issue. Only approver role is able to send email.