Can't find most of the Manufacturing areas, like BOM or Workstation

This is a silly question I’m sure.

I’m playing with the ERPNext VM image (bench updated), and can’t find a place to create and mange BOM (or other Manufacturing entities such as Workstation, Operation, etc). Under the Manufacturing link all I see is “Production - Production Order, Stock Entry, Timesheet” and “Bill of Materials - Item.” There’s also no Manufacturing settings section in Setup. During the initial install wizard I chose Manufacturing as the company’s Domain, and tried adding another Manufacturing company just in case. I also checked the permissions, enabled applications, enabled icons, etc. Was I supposed to enable something?


This how Manufacturing module looks like.

Perhaps you can try searching in the Awesome bar and see if there is any error.

That’s the problem is seems. Here’s my Manufacturing section:

I’m not familiar enough with the code to know where to start looking to see what’s going on. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Update: I did ‘bench reinstall’ and went through the setup wizard. The Manufacturing section is fully populated now. I’m baffled.