Can't get rate updated/set in BOM

Hello, all. I am stuck in a very simple thing which I know works, but… :frowning:

I made a BOM and have chosen “Rate Of Materials Based On - Valuation Rate”.
The items in BOM have their valuation rate set not to zero, but BOM list shows all zeroes.
All my numerous attempts to “reload”, “Update Cost” and even reboot can’t change these zeroes…
What do I do wrong, please?

Hi @leonp
try to check the

in “Manufacturing > Manufacturing Settings”

Thank you, joelios.
I checked it as you said - no result…:frowning:
Again, I run “update costs”, reboot… no effect…

hmm strange…
I have replayed your example with my test system and it works flawlessly for me.
Can you possibly send me some screenshots of your material master and the BOM? Maybe I can see something that is wrong.

Thank you for your help!!!

At first glance, I see nothing that could be wrong.
can you please extend the view of a item and post?

and one more question on the edge: if you click on “Update Cost”, do you get an error message in the browser console?

Thank you!
Here is the screenshot.

And when I press the “Update Cost” button, I just receive the popup window saying “Cost Updated”.
Sorry, what do you mean by “browser console”, please?

Unfortunately, everything looks good, too.

The browser console is a console that displays all javascript-based errors. You can open it by opening the browser window and pressing F12. then you can select “console” and then it should look like this:

Do you have an error message in this console after clicking “Update Cost”?
(first open the console before clicking on “Update Cost”)

I took a quick look at the python code that calculates the valuation rate and noticed that not the “Standard Valuation” field is drawn from the material master, but the average valuation of all inventories.


is it possible that your stock has been booked with the value “0”?

When I imported the old (other system) stock data the value was 0. And than I corrected the values of “Valuation rate” and “Standard Sale rate” as you have seen (this is just to study how it works).
The BOM mneu calls it “Valuation Rate” - I thought that this is what is “Valuation Rate” in the item doc. Isn’t this correct?

No, there are no error messages in the console…

until I looked at the python code, I thought exactly the same as you. Now I know that it is not so.

it is so:
if there is no stock in stock, the valuation rate is taken from the material master record.
However, if a stock exists, the average valuation rate is calculated from all inventories and inserted into the BOM as rate.

Since you have stock with the valuation “0”, the BOM also shows “0” because the average from “0” + “0” + “0”…is “0” :wink: .

In order for the valuation rate to be displayed correctly in the BOM, you must enter your stock with a valuation

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joelios, 1001 of thanks to you - as I am new to the ERPNext, I don’t know where to look for this information.
Now I am a bit more clever thanks to you … :-)))
Again, thank you very much!

No problem, I was happy to help you. For that this board is here :wink:
Should you have any other problems, I am at your disposal. :sunny:


Dear Joelios,
Excuse me, please, may be you can spread the light on one more issue I am struggling with… :slight_smile:
In our industry we often use several currencies while purchasing components (items), but when I build a PO it uses only the default currency defined for the company.
How can I define the currently desired currency for an item to purchase?
Thank you… :slight_smile:

hi @leonp

Unfortunately, you can not select a currency per item.
You can only choose one currency for the whole PO. If you have deposited a standard currency with your supplier, it will automatically be added to the PO. If you have not deposited any currency with the supplier, the default currency of your company will automatically be used. You can overwrite these by hand in the section “Currency and Price List” under “Currency”.

Thank you really!!! :slight_smile: