Cant hide column in print


I am using a list of custom doctypes in another doctype.
When i try to print this, i get a column that i don’t want to have in my printout.

When i look at the custom doctype, i notice the field isn’t there, so i can’t hide it from the printout.

How can i solve this issue?

Hello @Davy_Thoelen,

You can use Custom Print Format to print according to your needs using Custom HTML.

Custom HTML :-

<table class="table table-bordered table-condensed">
<th>Reference Doctype</th>
<th>Reference Docname</th>
{% for item in doc.event_participants %}
		<td>{{ item.reference_doctype }} </td>
		<td>{{ item.reference_docname }} </td>
{% endfor %}

Screenshot for Event Doctype without Sr.No:-

Thanks & Regards,
Kalpit Shah

Ok, thanks.
But it’s not possible to adjust this in the configuration?

Maybe you can also help me with another little problem?
I would like to format text in Custom HTML just like the headers from fields, like "Subject"and “Starts on” in your example.
Do you know how i can do that?

I guess there is no feature available yet to adjust/remove Sr. No from the Configuration.

Yes, you can do it with Jinja Templating.

Check out this link for your reference.

OK, thank you very much!!

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