Can't install erpnext on Ubuntu 22.04

Is there an updated set of installation instructions for installing on Ubuntu 22.04. I’ve tried these instructions several times, and I always hang when installing the app to my site.

ImportError: Module import failed for POS Invoice, the DocType you're trying to open might be deleted.<br> Error: cannot import name 'get_payment_gateway_controller' from 'frappe.integrations.utils' (apps/frappe/frappe/integrations/

I’m stuck on the same issue, was there any solution?

changing to branch version-13 seems to work

the problem is all the payment modules like Razorpay, etc are now decoupled into a separate app called payments, which needs to be integrated to get this issue resolved but there’s no official migration documentation for this.
refer: related github issue

You need to update your v13 to the latest version, and then run a migrate and a patch. The transition from v12 to v13 seems to miss out some of the “POS ???” tables, which don’t affect v13 so much, but when you switch to v14 they cause a problem. Check in the database to make sure that the tables exist before you update to v14