Can't login into Administrator

can someone solve this problem

The administrator password is when you login from your browser.

i was using oracle virtual box, but i cant login into it.
how ?

Just use
username:frappe Password:frappe
to login
and then
cd frappe-bench && bench start

the given Administrator login is given for App login it should be given while using app in the browser to login


what’s wrong with this bro ? cant open the browser or ubuntu desktop

You’re in developer mode. The console runs the whole time after you run bench start.
You can press Ctrl-C to exit

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Just go to localhost:8000 in your host system browser (the system in which Virtualbox installed)

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what’s wrong with this guys ?

i cant “bench start”

Hi @edward97,

Try running bench setup procfile from the bench dir to create a new procfile

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