Can't make a transaction above 1 trillion (13 digit)

There’s error cant save JE when input a transaction above or total Rp. (13 Digit)

pymysql.err.DataError: (1264, “Out of range value for column ‘total_debit’ at row 1”)

is there any solution regarding this issue ?


Divide the amount with 2 and put the same line twice in journal entry.


I think doctype declaration file accepts a database type. If so, you could just enter a number with larger scale.

You theme looks nice,

does it mean like that? already do this but still cant save the journal entry cause the total debit and credit is still 1T (13 digit) is there any workaround related on this?

@farrasiqtsm I just looked into the code of Frappe, and because you are on v10 to v12 maybe ?

You need to upgrade to v13 or v14

On the code frappe/ at version-14 · frappe/frappe · GitHub, there’s a comment, that on previous versions the size limit on the database was smaller.

If you have code capabilities, you can alternativelly, create a patch that will fix all decimal fields in your database, for an higher limit, but I dont recomend you doing that.

Upgrade is the best choice to go.

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@Kibet_Sang, it’s not a theme, it’s just an outdated ERPNext, if you install v10 to v12, you will get the same look and feel (but losing a lot of capabilities)

@max_morais_dmm noted, I started working with Erpnext v14, so the older versions I have never had a chance to look at UX. Noted,

How to check version of ERPNext using on cloud?

Besides the top bar and notification icon you’ll see a Help option.

Click on Help > About and that should return the version number

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Thanks for replying, There is no any “Help” or “About” option.

Hello @max_morais_dmm , thankyou for your reply, but i already test it at v13 and v14 still error. is there any other advice regarding this?


@farrasiqtsm, open an issue on GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript

That’s the alternative!

You can write an small app to patch all the Decimal columns of your database, may that will help also!