Can't make Payment Entry from Purchase Invoice

Greetings, I’m new to the forum.
I’m having this issue
Can’t make Payment Entry from Purchase Invoice because the create Button is not apprearing.

Check your user permission. Maybe you don’t have access to Account.

thanks for answering
I have the permissions to the account but I still can’t make payment entry

What’s your Frappe and ERPNext version? I remember in V12 there is a setting to make payment via JV. Haven’t used V13 much. It’s most probably some error in permission. Try logging in via Administrator to check if that works.

I’m using Erpnext V12. tried loging via administrator but still the same

Are you facing this issue in all the invoices or just this invoice?

all the purchase invoices

It should be some permission issue as @Muzzy mentioned. Even if you enabled the account settings for JV, system should show the create button. Can you create a payment entry directly and try to call the purchase invoice over there?

yes i can create a payment entry manually and link the purchase invoice. but still don’t know why a can’t create a payment entry from the purchase invoice

Sorry. No idea why its coming like that. Can you upgrade the version and check?