Can't Produce Multiple Batch Numbers in Manufacture Stock Entry

I am not able to produce items in a single manufacture Stock Entry where the output items are grouped in more than one batch number. For example. I’m producing 105 items and require that 50 produced items have batch number A and 55 items have batch number B.
When I try to add a second row for the second batch of the produced item in the Stock Entry, ERPNext complains that "Source warehouse is mandatory for row " and will not allow saving nor submission.

Using ERPNext v10.1.41

Looks like you missed to select the source warehouse for the new row you are adding. Could you please try selecting the Production Order’s work in progress warehouse as the source warehouse and see if it goes through?


The new item being produced should not have a source warehouse. Only the items that are being consumed by the production should have a source warehouse. The problem is that ERPNext is enforcing that a source warehouse must be selected for an item being produced.
When producing one output batch, everything works fine. The problem comes in when trying to assign a 2nd batch of output items.

My bad, i see now. Maybe you should try to “Finish” the Production Order multiple times with respective quantity, each for a separate batch?

There is also a similar problem when producing only one batch per Manufacture Stock Entry.
In the Manufacture Stock Entry, click on the table cell that contains the Item Code of the item that is to be produced. Erase the last character of the item code and re-select the same item. The batch selection dialog pops up automatically. Select a batch. The same error message occurs "Source warehouse is mandatory for row ".