Can't re-connect ERPNext to internet after losing it

Hi guys,

I was working on ERPNext integration in my new company, and for some local reason we lost internet; After the internet came back on i cannot get to make ERPNext to work.

The window loads the header of the page and settings menu but whenever clicking on anything at all an info window will load saying “You are not connected to Internet. Retry after sometime.”

I restarted my computer, restarted the server, tried Incognito mode, everything you can thing of but still cannot do anything.

edit: the login page is fine and it asks me to login, after login the page above appears with its errors

bench v: 5.2.1
ubuntu 16.4

Hi… have you tried to refresh your browser? It happens to me also i just clear my history and cache then re open my browser. Hope it helps. God Bless.

I tried, incognito mode, and cleared the cache but no use.

Why dont you try to run it first on your server using local instance disconnect it from LAN connection first.

Are your server running on CLI or in a GUI based?

I host the instance on GCP, the server is reachable and i can connect to it through SSH.

I managed to get it to work after killing Google Chrome and all its instances (cache clearing did not work).

it seems like it was stuck in a session and did not close the session until i closed the browser and killed its process.