Can't reupload the same file most of the time?

I have a bug when it comes to upload a csv file in a Doctype(SupplierDoc):
I need to upload a csv file, then submit it. My problem is when it comes to upload the file:
I can create multiple SupplierDoc using small_file.csv(4kb), and it works perfectly. When I tried to upload Big_File.csv(3272kb) it will only work the first time, then if I try to reupload it in a new row in SupplierDoc I get ‘File upload Disconnected. Please Try Again’. The weird part, is if I change the file name for Big_File2.csv, it will work.
I have no error on the browser console.
I thought it may come from the file size, so I update my site_config.json => max_file_size: 5000000
Nothing worked so far.
Any Idea?

ERPNext version: v10.1.42

What version of Frappe are you on ?

This was fixed a few months back and am unable to replicate it in my instance :thinking:

@Zlash65 Really? Here’s my Frappe version: v10.1.39 (master)