Can't see show on website under items V13.17.0

Hi all, installed erpnext with docker on Ubuntu 20.04. When i create a new item i can’t find the show on website at the bottom of the page anymore. Does anyone have the same problem, i only see Show in hub.

Any help appreciated.


In the Latest Version that is Removed.
Now there is a Button Called Publish on Website, you click on that if you want to show your product on webpage. Now there is seprate doctye for Website Item, you can Manage So many other things from that which is not available earlier in Item Doctype.

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Ranbir Singh

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Hi Ranbir,

thanks i will check it out.


I followed the tutorial from Web View Pages. To setup portal view for Article doctype.

But there is not “See on webistes” after saved the new article neither has the “Publish on Website” Button.

Currently I am using frappe 14.x.x-develop with bench 5.7.5

I also discovered that the only has the following code:

from import WebsiteGenerator

class Article(WebsiteGenerator):

Any instruction will be TIA.