Can't see the icon for Library Management module on the desk

I am going through official Frappe tutorial but in User and Records section of the tutorial I created a file named in the config folder under the library_management folder and wrote below script but still, I am not able to see Library Management module on my desk. Please help me out resolving this issue.


from future import unicode_literals
from frappe import _

def get_data():
return [
“icon”: “octicon octicon-briefcase”,
“items”: [
“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Article”,
“label”: _(“Article”),
“description”: _(“Articles which members issue and return.”),
“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Library Member”,
“label”: _(“Library Member”),
“description”: _(“People whohave enrolled for membership in the library.”),
“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Library Membership”,
“label”: _(“Library Membership”),
“description”: _(“People who have taken membership for the library”),
“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Library Transaction”,
“label”: _(“”),
“description”: _(“Issuing an article or returning an article are the transactions taking place.”),

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What version/branch of Frappe are you running ?

My bench version is 5.1.0 and frappe version is 13.x.x-develop and branch is (develop)

The method used is here is for prior versions.

In develop/v13, the module page can be created using a doctype called Desk Page Workspace.

For library management you need to write it as follows:

Configuring each card:

This should make the module show up on the left bar:


Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to work more on this. But This is not mentioned in your tutorial please update the documentation.


Hi Kenneth, I have encountered the same problem except that I am on frappe version-12 and this method isn’t applicable to me. kindly post a possible solution to this.


This link is pretty clear

Then you can redo a bench --site update
or bench --site migrate

could you please tell how to solve this

thank you @kennethsequeira

It’s renamed to Workspace.

How can you provide the permission that all user can see the new created workspace for the new module and doctypes? Since currently I followed the above steps and it worked however, only the Administrator can see the newly created workspace.

This is my ERPNext version:

ERPNext: v13.8.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.8.1 (HEAD)