No Modules Card Displayed on Desk

Listing the apps reveals that both Frappe and ERPNext are installed as expected

$ bench --site erpnext.local list-apps

Also, the config folder appears to contain the required config files (like I mentioned in my original post), hence they are not missing and each module have their configs (including accounts for example).

ls ~/Workspace/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/config/

About the library management app, I have created the necessary config file as per the tutorials as shown below. Isn’t this the compatible format for v12 ?


from __future__ import unicode_literals
from frappe import _

def get_data():
    return [
        "icon": "octicon octicon-briefcase",
        "items": [
              "type": "doctype",
              "name": "Article",
              "label": _("Article"),
              "description": _("Articles which members issue and return."),
              "type": "doctype",
              "name": "Library Member",
              "label": _("Library Member"),
              "description": _("People whohave enrolled for membership in the library."),
              "type": "doctype",
              "name": "Library Membership",
              "label": _("Library Membership"),
              "description": _("People who have taken membership for the library"),
              "type": "doctype",
              "name": "Library Transaction",
              "label": _(""),
              "description": _("Issuing an article or returning an article are the transactions taking place."),

You also need to create a file like this one (for version-12):

Follow this post:

Or does v12 only use the json formats in the accounting example you gave above ? It there a documentation relating to this and can you please provide it ?

Or do I have to explicitly create “desk_page/app_name/app_name.json” fro v12 ?

Okay, I’ll try the config format specified here, thanks.

I think I have a solution. The problem seems to be in the v12 patch, there is a command to change the default homepage to a ‘workspace’ instead of ‘desktop’, for reasons that are beyond me.

execute:frappe.db.set_default(‘desktop:home_page’, ‘workspace’)

to fix the issue, you can run this in the console and of course bench clear-cache:

frappe.db.set_default(‘desktop:home_page’, ‘desktop’)

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I had this exact issue. After switching from develop branch to version-12 there was nothing on the desk at all. Your solution was what got it to work. The only thing I would add is that I had to enter the commands as below.

bench console

then in the python console enter:

import frappe


frappe.db.set_default("desktop:home_page", "desktop")

For some reason I had to change the single quotes to doubles in my console.

The thing I don’t know now is will I have to make this change after every bench update? I’ll find out later. : )


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That didn’t last long! About 3 minutes and it was back to not working.

I then ran all the previous code again in the console and then:


It has been working for 10 mins now.

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You shouldn’t see the problem again as it is caused by the upgrade to version 12. since your install is now v12, it shouldn’t run again.

This is also very important. I had to learn this down the line. Thanks for the tip. Why are there no extensive tutorials on these concepts ? I’ve read the desk tutorials multiple times. But, it doesn’t cover these concepts. It is pretty discouraging.

hi, i had a similar problem, i have created one script report and i want to add that report in reports list of accounts module section.

I have gone through the post regarding this, added code in erpnext/config/ file but no use it is not reflecting in accounts module desk page, please help me out to solve this. Thank You

@D_N_Srinath what version are you using?

Things are made easier on v13/develop with the newer UI where you can directly add shortcuts.


thank for response, i’m using version 13 and it works thank you, but i want to add that in reports section, is there any other way to do that.

For V12 sometimes I find that a reboot of the server helps with this issue… that is of course after you’ve confirmed that all the files are properly in place as described in various posts above

Kind regards,

How do we create a new workspace. I would want my custom app to appear as a module in the sidebar.

@mujeerhashmi for v13/develop refer:

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Stay positive and inspired - certainly this is an ambitious community driven product, that works and grows provided folks give back. Frappe alone cannot be expected to shoulder all the effort. So whatever you are passionate about, say to document, consider contributing to that effort…

Do we contribute to documentation via github ?
Can you please provide pointers.

Would definitely like to help improve documentation so that others don’t have to spend time like we have to do now.

Here’s the repo for the ERPNext user manual

This outlines how to edit and submit changes to the docs

Here’s the repo for Frappe, that ERPNext is built on:

Thanks. On it

I had the same problem, some users didn’t saw the modules that they should have access and I solved it with editing the database - table tabUser - column home_settings
For Administrator it should be:
{“modules_by_category”: {“Modules”: [“Getting Started”, “Accounts”, “Selling”, “Buying”, “Stock”, “Assets”, “Projects”, “CRM”, “Support”, “HR”, “Quality Management”]}, “hidden_modules”: []}

After that commit and restart the ERP and then you can edit the user from “allowed modules” again.