Can't send mails from yandex mail

i can recive but i can not send mails from yandex. when i saving settings.just writing “saving” on screen and doesnt change anything. How can i do

I’ve had this too with other mail providers.

There’s a few things you can try:

In terminal cd frappe-bench then type bench restart.

In erpnext reload the cache

Clear browser cache and try again.

Sorry for the poor formatting, I’m on mobile.

The Javascript console would have a clue (traceback)

Hey Uğur,

Yandex works perfectly well. Send me the screenshot of your mail setting page.

Hello Ferohers, still i couldnt do it. if you look as my settings and the offical settings yandex mail. maybe you can understand the problem . Thank You

Port 587 olması gerekli

Tls kullanman gerekli adresi bende kayitli

Thank you very much, i change port and could it

hello, i have simillar problem… i cant send or receive the email from another account… can u help me? english please…

Do not put the port 465, because it is default.’

Just leave blank the port.

Hope this helps!

i have set yandex email with my own domain, all dns was set correctly and also i have use Delegating domain to Yandex.

the email sistem can’t send email or receiving email.

any clue to solve this problem?

U must log-in by web mail , then finish your all request information , then it will be ok

I not understand, still nothing nit working

Not* working