Can't set 'id' field as the title field

Hello Frappe Community,

I’m currently facing an issue with ERPNext where I’m trying to set the “id” field as the title field for several document types including Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Items, and Purchase Receipts. I’ve attempted to use “name”, “id”, and “docname” in the Title Field under the Customize Form settings, but each attempt results in the error message: “Title field must be a valid fieldname.”

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Accessed Customize Form from the dashboard.
  2. Selected the document type (e.g., Sales Order).
  3. Entered “name”, “id”, and “docname” into the Title Field under the View settings.
  4. Clicked “Update” to save the changes.

Each time, the system responded with the error indicating that the field name is not valid for use as a title field. I’m looking to have the system identifier (e.g., the unique document ID) displayed as the title in the list views to make identification easier for users.

Could anyone help clarify if there’s a restriction on using system identifiers like “name” or “docname” as title fields, or if there’s a specific configuration step I might be missing? Any guidance on how to successfully set this up would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

The error I get:

Hi @jev,

There is no need to add anything to the title field, please leave it blank. Just tick :heavy_check_mark: “Show title in link fields”


Empty the title field, it will fetches the name as default title

Thanks guys!